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Bike lane pilot project installed in Richmond-Adelaide area – Toronto

TORONTO – The City of Toronto has installed additional bicycle lanes on Richmond Street between Bathurst Street and University Avenue as a pilot project to enhance cycling infrastructure.

“The installation of this cycling infrastructure will provide safer routes and better connectivity for cyclists as they travel in this part of the city,” said Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, Chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee in a media release.

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Minnan-Wong said the city has undertaken a public consultation on the project and there is a belief that the new lane additions will be beneficial to the neighbourhood.

The changes are part of the Richmond-Adelaide Bikeway Environmental Assessment Study to evaluate the feasibility of cycle tracks and other cycling infrastructure in this area.

The results of the pilot project will be a part of the final recommendations submitted to city council in 2015.

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Minnan-Wong told reporters Wednesday there is still a major concern with regards to vehicles parking in bicycle lanes and that there should be a more heavy-handed approach to by-law enforcement.

Drivers caught parking in the dedicated bike lanes can be fined $150.

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According to city officials, work on cycle lanes completed in Toronto thus far include:

• cycle tracks on Simcoe Street from Front Street to Queen Street
• contra-flow bike lane (bike lane that allows cyclists to travel in the opposite direction on a one-way street) on the north side of Richmond Street, designed to extend the Richmond-Adelaide route west from Bathurst Street to Niagara Street
• southbound bike lane on the west side of Bathurst Street from Richmond Street to Adelaide Street to connect to the eastbound Adelaide Street cycle track, and
• westbound contra-flow bike lanes on the north side of Phoebe Street from Beverley Street to Soho Street and on the north side of Stephanie Street from John Street to Beverley Street, designed to connect Beverley-St. George bike lanes to Richmond Street and Adelaide Street.

Work is currently undeway in the following areas:

• eastbound cycle track on the south side of Adelaide Street from Bathurst Street to Simcoe Street
• westbound cycle track on the north side of Richmond Street from York Street to Bathurst Street
• bicycle lanes on both sides of Peter Street from King Street to Queen Street, and
• traffic signals at the Queen-Soho-Peter Street intersection are being modified to accommodate cyclists crossing north-south, connecting the Richmond Street and Adelaide Street cycle tracks to the Beverley-St. George bike lanes.

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Fire blight threatens apple crops in Annapolis Valley – Halifax

HALIFAX – Berwick is known as the apple capital of Nova Scotia, but a recent problem is starting to threaten the region’s crops.

Fire blight, a bacterial disease that affects apple and pear trees, has been in Nova Scotia for about 50 years, but never on its current scale.

“This is easily the worst outbreak we’ve ever had,” said Larry Lutz, an apple grower and tree fruit specialist. “Nova Scotia has traditionally been relatively free of the problem.

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“There’s one or two orchards every year that saw some symptoms and it’s quite easily controlled. However, this year what we have is an outbreak that’s spread to almost every orchard in the valley.”

Unlike most viruses that damage fruit, fire blight has the ability to kill the tree itself. The only way to stop the spread is to cut off the affected part — or cut down the entire tree.

The virus is already being called a huge economic loss for the valley.

“This spring we planted 1,000 new trees and we had to take out 200 of them,” said apple grower Rene Penner. “When it hits young trees, it hits them really hard.”

Some apple growers are already out tens of thousands of dollars.

A growing concern is that the disease will not only affect this year’s crops, but future harvests.

“The bacteria will be with us for a long time,” Penner said. “We’re going to take some extreme measures this spring with chemicals and we’ll be watching it really close.

“You can’t just reorder trees and plant them. It takes a while.”

Since fire blight can also affect backyard trees, experts are asking homeowners to check their own apple trees for signs of the disease.

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Europe’s final resupply ship launches to space station – National

Watch the video above: Europe’s final ATV-5 rocket blasts off from French Guiana.

TORONTO – The International Space Station will receive supplies in about two weeks after the successful launch of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) rocket from French Guiana on Tuesday.

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  • European Space Agency asks for your help to wake up spacecraft

  • European Space Agency sets tentative date for 1st comet landing Nov. 2014

  • NASA doesn’t have the money for big rockets: auditor

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The ATV-5 will dock to the station’s Zvezda service module on Aug. 12 at 9:43 a.m. with more than 6,000 kilograms of supplies, including food and fuel, as well as scientific hardware.

The spacecraft, called the Lemaitre after a Belgian scientist who formulated the Big Bang theory, will also fly around the station to test a laser infrared imaging sensor that will help with future guidance.

The ESA plans to use ATV technology for future spacecraft, possibly as early as 2017.

Next January, the ATV-5 will leave the space station with trash and burn up over the Pacific Ocean.

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How many servings of fruit, vegetables daily? Here’s the magic number

If eating fruits and vegetables feels like a daily chore, Harvard doctors have some good news for you: the magic number you should be aiming for is five servings, which is only half the amount Canadian health officials recommend.

After you’ve hit that “five a day” threshold, the Boston scientists say that loading up on more fruits and veggies doesn’t have any added effect.

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  • What you should be eating to lower your blood pressure

  • 5 healthy fast food swaps

  • Why you should eat beans, lentils and peas to lower bad cholesterol

  • 5 lifestyle changes to improve your heart’s health

“It is possible that the digestibility of fruits and vegetables and the availability of nutrients and other bioactive compounds of these foods may have reached a plateau at five servings for most people,” Dr. Frank Hu, a Harvard School of Public Health professor, told Health Day.

Keep in mind, Canada’s Food Guide suggests that adults should be eating eight to 10 servings each day.

READ MORE: The 41 most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables

Hu researches nutrition and lifestyle and their effect on type 2 diabetes and heart disease. In previous work, Hu pointed to a risk of early death if people ate red meat daily. He also linked coffee drinking to longer life expectancy.

This time, he conducted a meta-analysis, which factors in the results of a handful of hand-picked studies, to consider how fruit and vegetable intake affected risk of dying from chronic disease.

The results of 16 studies and a total of 833,000 participants was included in the analysis.

About 56,400 people died during the course of the study. But every daily serving of fruit or vegetables lowered the risk of death by five per cent.

Risk of heart-health-related death was reduced by four per cent.

If study participants ate more than five servings of the fare, the benefit didn’t increase, though.

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While the study looked at fruit and vegetable intake and its effect on death, it can’t concretely say that it’s the fruit and vegetables causing the decreased risk.

And the takeaway message isn’t to stop at five servings either. The research didn’t see any negative health effects in participants who ate more than five servings a day.

It could be a nudge of encouragement — you may not hit the eight serving mark but five is much more attainable.

Canada’s Food Guide advises consumers to reach for one dark green and one orange vegetable each day. It also suggests that you can reach for fresh, frozen of canned vegetables — they’re all nutritious options.

READ MORE: What’s the best way to cook vegetables? Steaming, study says

Last month, American researchers documented the most nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits. Watercress, Chinese cabbage, and chard topped the list.

Hu’s findings were published Tuesday night in the BMJ.

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Microsoft to roll out Cortana digital assistant to Canadian users – National

LOS ANGELES – Microsoft is spreading its Cortana digital assistant abroad, starting with China and the U.K.

The company’s corporate vice-president of operating systems, Joe Belfiore, said Wednesday in Beijing that Chinese and British users of Windows Phones will get the voice-recognizing app in an update to Windows Phone 8.1 that will begin rolling out to developers next week and to users in the coming months.

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In China, the app nicknamed “Xiao Na,” will speak Mandarin and include locally relevant information, like air quality reports in weather updates and information on local TV shows and celebrities.

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In Britain, users will get an app that has a British accent and be up to date about English Premier League soccer and other local matters.

Users in Australia, Canada and India will also be allowed to use a version of Cortana, although the Redmond, Washington-based company said that would be an earlier test mode and tailored to U.S. and U.K. audiences.

The update, described in April at Microsoft Corp.’s developer conference, will also introduce new hardware capabilities as the software giant seeks hardware partners beyond Nokia, whose device unit it purchased in April. Although Nokia has accounted for most of the Windows Phone shipments today, Microsoft has signed up 14 new manufacturing partners in the last six months, including heavyweights like Samsung, HTC, Huawei and ZTE.

WATCH: Microsoft pokes fun at Apple’s Siri in new ad

The update allows for phones to use two SIM cards, supports a better screen resolution for lower-end phones and adds support for so-called “smart covers” that give users brief notifications through a small window in the cover like on Samsung’s S4 and S5.

Additionally, the update adds support for faster charging and improves support for Bluetooth accessories like fitness tracker wristbands.

On the software side, the update will now allow so-called “live tile” icons to be grouped into folders, a functionality that has long been available on Apple iPhones and devices that run Google Inc.’s Android operating system.

In Windows Phone, however, the tiles show snippets of information from the apps. The folders will show snippets from four to 18 apps in the folder at once.

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Veteran shipbuilder: Province taking ownership of Bluenose II a ‘big mistake’ – Halifax

HALIFAX – The Bluenose II has been formally handed over to the Nova Scotia government in a move a veteran local shipbuilder calls the province’s “biggest mistake yet.”

Lou Boudreau, whose company builds tall ships, says he’s concerned about potential safety issues with the work being done on the schooner’s new steering system.

“The rudder is going to fail,” he said. “We just hope that it won’t fail at a very inopportune time and injury or kill someone.”

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Boudreau has been after the government to stop the restoration of the Bluenose II for months until they can have the project fully assessed.

The project has been marred by delays and cost overruns, and has also encountered problems, including issues with its rudder that will likely prevent it from sailing this summer.

“It’s just been a mad rush by the government to put a band-aid on it to get it sailing,” Boudreau said. “But that’s not how it works.”

The vessel, which has been berthed for the past two years at the Lunenburg Foundry dock, has been moved to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg.

The province says the schooner is undergoing finishing touches by the builder and the move will allow people to view the boat from the waterfront, take close-up photos and chat with the crew.

READ MORE: Darrow says safety ‘number one concern’ for Bluenose II project

David Darrow, the man whom the government put in charge of the project, says the cost of the new steering system is “between $10,000 and $1 million”.

Karla MacFarlane, the Progressive Conservative tourism critic, says she is shocked by the Liberal government’s decision to take possession of the Bluenose II without telling Nova Scotians how much it cost.

“This is a slap in the face to taxpayers,” she said. “We want to get it sailing as much as anyone, but after nearly a year of incompetent Liberal decision making, we are left wondering how much more taxpayers will have to withstand.”

Even though the ship isn’t moving, the province has confirmed a crew of between 12 and 18 people has been hired for the vessel.

Boudreau says it would be cheaper to build a new vessel rather than continuing to pour money into the Bluenose II.

Four years ago, his company offered to build a similar ship for less than $10 million.

“Certainly we could have had two of them out, racing two years ago with a lot of money left over for beer and pizza,” he said.

When the restoration was announced in 2009, the provincial government at the time estimated it would cost $14.4 million.

As of last month, costs have reached $19 million.

With files from The Canadian Press

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As US economy accelerates, Fed remains cautious – National

WASHINGTON – After a grim start to 2014, the U.S. economy has rebounded with vigour and should show renewed strength into next year.

That was the general view of analysts Wednesday after the government estimated that the economy grew at a fast 4 per cent annual rate in the April-June quarter. Consumers, businesses and governments combined to fuel the expansion. The government also said growth was more robust last year than previously estimated.

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  • Exports fall, imports rise in troubling sign for economy

  • With housing boom at end, all eyes on exports to carry economy

Whether the healthier expansion will lead the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates sooner than expected is unclear. The Fed offered a mixed message on the economy Wednesday: Growth is strengthening, and the unemployment rate is steadily falling. Yet by some measures, it suggested, the job market remains subpar.

A statement the Fed issued after a two-day policy meeting signalled that it wants to see further improvement before it starts raising its key short-term interest rate. It offered no clearer hint of when it will raise that rate.

Instead, the Fed reiterated its plan to keep short-term rates low “for a considerable time” after ends its monthly bond purchases. The Fed said it will slow the pace of its purchases by another $10 billion to $25 billion a month. The purchases, which have been intended to keep long-term borrowing rates low, are set to end in October. Most economists think a rate increase is about a year away.

The economy sprang back to life last quarter after a dismal winter in which it shrank at a sharp 2.1 per cent annual rate. The government upgraded that decline from a previous estimate of a 2.9 per cent drop. But it was still the biggest contraction since early 2009 in the depths of the Great Recession.

Last quarter’s bounce-back reinforced analysts’ view that the economy’s momentum is extending into the second half of the year, when they forecast annual growth of around 3 per cent.

The government also updated its estimates of growth leading into this year. They show the economy expanded in the second half of 2013 at the fastest pace in a decade and more than previously estimated. The revised data also show that the economy grew faster in 2013 than previously estimated, though more slowly in 2011 and 2012 than earlier thought.

The second quarter’s growth in the gross domestic product — the total output of goods and services — was the fastest since a 4.5 per cent increase in July-September quarter of 2013.

Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics, said that given last quarter’s rebound, he’s boosting his estimate for growth this year to 2 per cent, up from a previous 1.7 per cent forecast. Ashworth said the economy’s growth also supported his view that the Fed will be inclined to start raising rates early next year.

Ashworth is among a group of economists who think growing strength in the job market and the economy will prod the Fed to move faster to raise rates to make sure inflation doesn’t get out of hand. Other economists have been predicting that the Fed would wait until mid-2015 to start raising rates.

The Fed revised the wording of its previous statement to note that while the unemployment rate has dropped steadily, the job market is still struggling in other ways. It didn’t specify what it meant. But Chair Janet Yellen expressed concern to Congress this month about stagnant wage growth, many part-time workers who can’t find full-time jobs and the proportion of the unemployed who have been out of work for more than six months.

The GDP report showed that one measure of inflation rose 2 per cent last quarter, up from a 1.3 per cent rise in the first quarter. The Fed’s inflation target is 2 per cent, and for two years the GDP measure of inflation has been running below that level. Low inflation has given the Fed leeway to focus on boosting growth to fight high unemployment.

In its statement, the Fed noted that inflation had risen closer to its 2 per cent target. The statement said concerns that inflation would run persistently below the Fed’s 2 per cent target had “diminished somewhat.” But it expressed no worries about the slight acceleration in prices.

The economy’s sudden contraction in the first quarter coincided with a severe winter that disrupted activity across industries and kept consumers away from shopping malls and auto dealerships. Consumer spending slowed to an annual growth rate of 1.2 per cent, the weakest in nearly three years.

Last quarter, consumer spending accelerated to a growth rate of 2.5 per cent. Spending on durable goods such as autos surged at a 14 per cent annual rate, the biggest quarterly gain since 2009. Analysts said that was an encouraging sign of consumers’ growing willingness to buy high-cost items like cars.

“Better job growth, a rising stock market, falling gasoline prices — all those things are starting to resonate on Main Street,” said Stuart Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group.

Hoffman suggested that five straight months of job gains above 200,000 were buoying both consumer and business confidence. He predicted that the July jobs report, to be released Friday, would show job growth of around 225,000. Hoffman foresees growth of around 3 per cent over the next year.

The government’s revised estimates going back to 2011 show the economy expanded at an annual rate of 4.5 per cent in last year’s third quarter, up from a previous 4.1 per cent estimate. The growth rate was 3.5 per cent in the fourth quarter, up from an earlier 2.6 per cent estimate.

For 2013 as a whole, the government said the economy grew 2.2 per cent, up from its earlier 1.9 per cent estimate.

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Corning donates $1.8M in mirror components for private space telescope – National

ALBANY, N.Y. – Corning Inc. has donated $1.8 million in high-tech components for a telescope a private group wants to launch into space.

The not-for-profit BoldlyGo Institute wants to put its ASTRO-1 telescope in orbit by the mid-2020s. Obtaining the components for a roughly 1.8-metre telescope primary mirror will significantly contribute to the ambitious goal, the group said Tuesday in announcing the donation.

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  • Hubble captures image of 10,000 galaxies in unprecedented colour

  • Telescope photographs ring around star

  • Hubble photographs one of galaxy’s oldest star clusters

The institute is beginning to raise cash and material for the project, which its CEO, Jon Morse, hopes will cost “well under” $1 billion.

READ MORE: Space telescope spies water plumes on dwarf planet Ceres

“This is a huge step forward that allows us to hit the ground running as we raise additional resources,” said Morse, a former director of astrophysics at NASA Headquarters.

The institute was formed last fall to increase the number and variety of space science mission through private funding. The ASTRO-1 space telescope would be used to study planets orbiting nearby stars, as well as the Milky Way and other galaxies. Morse said the telescope would have 10 times the field of view of the Hubble Space Telescope and could be used for exploration years from now when Hubble stops working well.

The group, whose board includes members with links to NASA, also wants to fund an unmanned trip to Mars.

READ MORE: In photos – Hubble begins its 25th year in space

“We all recognize, having worked in NASA, that there are not enough resources to pursue all the great ideas that are out there, so we’re hoping to help build out the portfolio through private funding,” Morse said.

The components donated by the Corning, New York-based specialty glass maker had been intended for a NASA program that was cancelled. Corning declined to specify the project, citing customer confidentiality.

Corning has produced window glass for NASA’s manned spacecraft missions and the International Space Station. It also produced the Hubble Space Telescope’s primary mirror.

Company officials said the donation is part of Corning’s continued support of space exploration.

“The work of the BoldlyGo Institute and the ASTRO-1 space telescope will continue this critical research for another generation, and we are proud to support it,” Curt Weinstein, a Corning vice-president and general manager, said in a statement.

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U.S. skin cancer rates spike after generation of sunbathing, tanning beds – National

WASHINGTON – Stop sunbathing and using indoor tanning beds, the acting U.S. surgeon general warned in a report released Tuesday that cites an alarming 200 per cent jump in deadly melanoma cases since 1973.

The report blames a generation of sun worshipping for the $8 billion spent to treat all forms of skin cancer each year.

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Rear Adm. Boris Lushniak said state and local officials need to do more to help people cover up, such as providing more shade at parks and sporting events. Schools should encourage kids to wear hats and sunscreen and schedule outdoor activities when the sun is low in the sky. And colleges and universities should eliminate indoor tanning beds on campus much as they would prohibit tobacco use, he added.

“We need more states and institutions on board with these policies that discourage or restrict indoor tanning by our youth,” Lushniak said. “Tanned skin is damaged skin.”

READ MORE: Is aerosol sunscreen safe for you? Inhaling chemicals is a concern

The surgeon general’s “call to action” plan is part of a broader push this year by government officials and public health advocates to raise awareness on what they say has become a major public health problem. While other cancers such as lung cancer are decreasing, skin cancer is rising rapidly. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 5 million people are treated for skin cancer each year. And the number of Americans with skin cancer in the past three decades eclipse the number of all other cancers combined.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer with 9,000 people dying each year from the mostly preventable disease.

Stacey Escalante of Las Vegas, Nevada, blames years of sunbathing with baby oil and using indoor tanning beds for her melanoma diagnosis in 2005. The mother of two was a 34-year-old television reporter training for a marathon when she found a small red growth the size of a pencil eraser on her lower back. By the time she saw a doctor, the cancer had travelled to her lymph node, requiring two surgeries that left an 8-inch scar. She then spent two years on an experimental drug.

Escalante said she realizes now that she was lucky to survive, and was foolish to think she was immune to skin cancer because her father was Hispanic and she tanned well. Now an advocate for early detection, Escalante is pushing for state legislation prohibiting minors from using indoor tanning beds.

READ MORE: Hooked on tanning? UV light may be addictive, study suggests

The Melanoma Research Foundation says exposure to tanning beds before age 30 increases a person’s risk of developing melanoma by 75 per cent.

“If only I had first gone to the doctor, when I first saw that spot, instead of ignoring it, I would have saved my family and myself … the emotional, physical and financial burden of skin cancer,” she said. “It was absolutely overwhelming.”

Howard Koh, assistant secretary for health for the Department of Health and Human Services, said skin cancer prevention needs to become a bigger part of daily American life.

READ MORE: Canadian skin cancer rates not a cancer success story

“We need to change the social norm with respect to tanning and shatter the myth that tanned skin is somehow a sign of health,” Koh said.

Doctors recommend doing regular skin checks for new moles and seeing a doctor if any change in size, shape or colour. Doctors also recommend applying at least 1 ounce of sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more to exposed skin and reapplying every two hours, more if swimming or sweating. Children in particular should be protected because bad sunburns in childhood are thought to greatly increase risk later in life.

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Top 10 restaurants for outdoor dining in Calgary

CALGARY – The last thing anyone wants on a hot summer day is to be stuck inside their kitchen.

If you’re looking for a sunny patio where you can enjoy a good meal, there are plenty of local eateries you can visit.

Virtual reservation website OpenTable杭州夜网 has compiled a list of the top spots for outdoor dining in Calgary, based on feedback from their users.

Here are the restaurants that made the cut:

River Café

Story continues below

HangZhou Night Net

Cuisine: Canadian
About: Located in the middle of Prince’s Island Park and accessed on foot via one of four bridges or causeways.
Address: 25 Prince’s Island Park SW Calgary, AB T2P 0R1

Cuisine: Southwest
About: A seventy seat upscale casual style restaurant, with an additional fifty seat enclosed patio and veranda.
Address: 338 17th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2S 0A8

Bonterra Trattoria
Cuisine: Italian
About: Vibrant cuisine reflects the passions, style, and gusto that is the hallmark of the Italian way of life.
Address: 1016 8 St SW Calgary, AB T2R 1K2

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant
Cuisine: Contemporary German
About: The restaurant is nestled in the hamlet of Bragg Creek, Alberta in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Address: 75 White Avenue Box 808 Bragg Creek, AB T0L 0K0

Cuisine: Italian
About: Located in the heart of 17th Avenue SW, Cibo offers casual Italian food.
Address: 1012 17 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2T 0A5

Symons Roadhouse
Cuisine: Barbecue
About: Located at Symons Valley Ranch Farmers Market. Chef Kevin Turner serves farm to table, southern BBQ and stick to your ribs comfort food.
Address: 14555 Symons Valley Road NW Calgary, AB T3R 1J1

Redwater Rustic Grille – Aspen Estates
Cuisine: Californian
About: Redwater Rustic Grille’s market driven menu is an interpretation of contemporary West Coast Cuisine with signature dishes and innovative creations.
Address: 114 – 326 Aspen Glen Landing SW Calgary, AB T3H 0N5

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant
Cuisine: Canadian
About: The Bow Valley Ranche has two restaurants where people come and go in Fish Creek Provincial Park.
Address: 15979 Bow Bottom Trail SE Calgary, AB T2J 7A7

Cuisine: International
About: Inspired by their backgrounds and travels, Chef/Owners Uri Heilik and Rogelio Herrera invite you on an escape to a unique experience in fine dining.
Address: 220 42 Ave SE Calgary, AB T2G 1Y4

Raw Bar by Duncan Ly
Cuisine: Vietnamese
About: Raw Bar will service the poolside oasis at Hotel Arts.
Address: 119 – 12th Ave SW (Hotel Arts) Calgary, AB T2R 0G8

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Default utility Image UPDATE: Dive team recovers missing Whitecourt man’s body – Edmonton

EDMONTON –  The search for a missing 19-year-old Whitecourt man...

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